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Clarity is Focus. Productivity is a Vice.

publishedover 1 year ago
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1. “Productivity is a vice that keeps you from your highest level of performance. It lies by convincing you that taking a break is wasteful. When in truth, clarity is the true catalyst of progress, not hustle.”

Eliminate all external distractions and you’ll discover that they’re only the tip of the iceberg.

Below the surface, in the chatter of your own mind is the origin of nearly all distraction. For me, productivity is responsible for generating a constant ambient noise of distraction. It’s a vice I didn’t realize I had.

Clear your mind to gain clarity and don’t let productivity distract you from knowing what you want most.

An obsession with productivity is a distraction.



“It’s just incredible, our culture never encourages taking a break, never encourages saying DON’T CHASE THAT THING!” - Robert Downey, Jr

Hustle is wasted and progress is slowed if you don’t know what you want most. Learn how to decide by studying decisions making.

Use downtime to determine what doesn’t matter when you stop doing it. Clear your mental space so that clarity can breathe again.

Determine what doesn’t matter by not doing it.



Take a purposeful break.

Delete social media, chat apps, and email from your phone.

Be reachable only through a call, text, or a page (If you’re on call). Set a daily usage limit, somewhere between 15-45 minutes. Put that hip mountable phone case away and dedicate a spot for it when you’re not using it. Mine is the kitchen drawer. Use the time to think and ask yourself the bigger questions.

Live this way for a week and report back.

If that sounds crazy just know that I’m 24 days into a 30 day digital fast.

No social media, 1 hour of discretionary usage per day, and 30 minutes of cell phone usage per day were my guidelines and I’ve done fairly well so far.

Honestly, I’ve never been happier. 😊

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Josh Duffney