become Ansible

Written by an engineer for engineers. It's like shoulder surfing a co-worker.

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    Use Containers for Ansible Development

    Build a container-centric Ansible development environment. Ansible is ideal for containers because of its simple installation and the fact that it's agentless. Ansible extremely portable. And portability is what containers are all about.

    Configure the Cloud
    (AWS or Azure)

    Connect Ansible to the cloud. Learn to use Ansible to deploy and configure cloud resources. AWS or Azure, you choose. Keep your cloud costs low by nuking your dev environments. You can easily rebuild it by running a single playbook.

    Available for purchase on Gumroad

    Ad-hoc Commands to Pull Requests

    Start as a beginner, leave production-ready. Crawl, walk, run, sprint your way through learning Ansible. Start by running ad-hoc Ansible commands and end with deploying Ansible with commits and pull requests!